Hersin means made by hand, handcrafts toys for those that seek high quality, environmentally conscious, fair trade products.
The process of product making, from the initial stage of design to the final stage, following a series of steps, while utilizing knowledge from a wide range of scientific and technological fields, has always been a fascinating experience for us. Our engagement with the world of toy making marked the creation of hersin means made by hand, in 2016, aiming to provide children with alternative handmade toys. In our workshop, in Kalamata, pieces of fabric are formed and turned into unique, everlasting toys. Wooden decorative items complement our collection. All products are exclusively handcrafted using natural materials such as cotton, linen, wood and recycled materials such as leather. Our aim is to design and produce items of the highest quality and safety standards. Up to date techniques are combined with traditional methods, for an end result we hope you love as much as we do.

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