Here you can find the pattern of a sailing boat that you can create out of paper. This can be used as a paper lantern that you can light up, using your own printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic components. Find more information and detailed instructions below.

Paper lantern

- Download the pdf documents here.

Part 1/4 (cabin and sides)
Part 2/4 (large sail and battery holder/circuit board base)
part 3/4 (small sail, circuit and bottom)
Part 4/4 (top)

And Part 1/4 Mirrored (cabin and sides mirrored)

- Use the paper of your choice, to print this document on your printer (use at least 180 gr/m2 to get a more stable construction). Size is made to fit on an A4 paper. You can also reverse the paper for Part 1/4 and print again Part 1/4 Mirrored for the outside of the boat.

- Cut on the solid lines and use a ruler and αν ολd ballpoint pen to mark on all the dotted lines with relative pressure, in order to bend the paper on them.

- Use glue on the wedges around the boat and sails.

To turn this into your own electronic paper lantern visit this link pcb

Never leave young children unattended. Be conscious whenever you use any kind of tools, such as scissors. Chemicals such as glue should be treated with great care. Small parts, especially batteries are really dangerous for young children under 3 and anyone who does not know how to handle and dispose of them. They pose a serious hazard for anyone who could potentially shallow them.

This pattern is designed by hersin means made by hand. Feel free to modify and use it in any way. If used in a commercial/educational way please support us by mentioning your source.